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These pages are intended to provide you with insight into some of the different industries we specialize in serving and show how we can provide your business with the best translation services to fit your needs.


Automotive companies and OEM’s must make information rapidly available in a wide array of languages to meet the needs of their global client base. Translation Cloud works closely with key industry players to manage the delivery of all corporate information into different languages.

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In the finance sectors it is not simply about delivery to schedule. Accuracy of contractual, legal, and financial reporting documentation is absolutely paramount.

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Software Engineering and Information Technology

Operating Systems, Firmware, CRM applications, ERP systems, Booking Software, Databases, Games. Whatever a product might be, for each step in the software engineering process (design, development, documentation, manufacturing, QA testing, and customer support), engineering teams create large quantities of essential information.

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All Medical language translations at Translation Cloud are done by native medical translators, living in-country and are experienced medical translators in their own area of expertise.

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Translation Cloud works with over 5,000 translators from around the globe, giving us access to every conceivable type of industry specific knowledge. All translators are thoroughly checked to confirm their technical expertise.

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Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industries require precise instruments and calculations. Translation Services must be accurate that is why we use only the most highly skilled translators to translate and localize documents and manuals for an industry that can’t afford to make mistakes.

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Manufacturing like no other industry has become the definition of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, global, multi-national, cross-continental business.  Everything from lean manufacturing to clothing to containers and anything you can think of can be produced here today and there tomorrow.

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism by its nature is a business about bringing people from different locations to more exotic places and vice versa. Some of the adventure for your customers may be navigating in a country where they don’t speak the language, but some vital information needs to be made available in all possible languages to those customers for their safety and security.

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Life Sciences

Life sciences or the study of life in a scientific manner encompasses a wide range of researchers and industries. At Translation Cloud we work with you to translate science journals. Making research available in many languages all over the world is important to the field.

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Media and Publishing

Media and publishing have primarily been locale specific, with specific areas getting its very own local TV network or news paper. Today a national or global audience is available and often seeks out publications for their interests. We can help you with your language translation needs for web or print.

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Electronics and Hi Tech

Electronics and Hi Tech is an industry that broke new ground in international consumer product sales. Before we were buying Japanese stereos and VCR?s, electronics company were buying parts and components made in Japan. Translation Cloud translates many languages, including Japanese and Chinese. China has become the manufacturer of such Hi Tech gadgets as the Apple iPad and iPhone, some of the most coveted gadgets in the world.

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Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities translation, especially fine art is based on few sales of high priced items. Many galleries and dealers open locations around the world to serve clients better. Translation services USA language translation of press releases and event invites allows an audience reach on a global scale. Art fairs around the world allow galleries exposure to new areas and often require their materials to be translated to the language of the location they are in.

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Business and Economy

Business and Economy are both tied to what is happening in other markets and making decisions based on that. Your business may not depend on foreign investors or have clients in India, China or Brazil now, but with professional language translation services from Translation Cloud, you can be doing business on a grand scale.

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Computer and Internet

Computer and Internet businesses that are digitally based and those that make hardware have to work together to connect the world with information and the tools required to access it.

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Education is a journey not a destination. The education business in America and around the world has exploded; more debt is held on education loans than credit card loans now. Exchange programs have been around for years, now they do not require students to leave the house as online programs make university of higher educations possible from any location in the world.

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Entertainment language translation is essential to widen your audience. We translate scripts for Hollywood; we do video game localization, and magazines.

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Government agencies are required to serve all members of society equally. Because of immigration not all people speak English in America, this does not exclude them from using social services and government programs. Translating forms and pamphlets, billboards and public service announcements into other languages is something that national agencies all the way on down to local townships are doing to better serve the needs of a diverse population.

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Health services include those for medical patients and those trying to avoid medical problems by staying healthy. A business that is ancient and universal. Knowledge of techniques and medicines inevitably end up in books, journals and magazines all around the world. Working for the health industry is something we take seriously and do well.

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Recreation and Sports

Recreation and Sports apparel from leisure time to professional competitive sports for entertainment make merchandise available to different languages and locations. Football is the worlds sport (called soccer here in the USA). Players and fans from every corner of the earth demand that they have access to information, goods, and programming in their language for their favorite team.

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Reference industry comprising of encyclopedia makers, dictionaries, libraries, almanacs, calendars provide valuable information that can be easily accessed in written and digital from. Reference businesses make many of their services available online for free often. With the help of Translation Cloud reference materials can be presented to different language audiences though the core information remains the same.

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Science translation requires a level of understanding in the field that can differentiate the common language from the scientific terminology, a lot of which are universal terms in all languages because they are new words developed after all other languages.

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Social Science

Science translation requires a level of understanding in the field that can differentiate the common language from the scientific terminology, a lot of which are universal terms in all languages because they are new words developed after all other languages.

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Society Culture

Society and Culture across all the varied languages of the world are very different but at the same time very much the same. From Greek to Japanese to African to Roman to Chinese these cultures have spread themselves through out the world with help of language translation.

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