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Current Positions in Jersey City, NJ

Posted on: Jan-27, 2015

Sales Associates
Translation Cloud - Jersey City, NJ
Drive the business forward with cold calls, active networking, email campaigns and laser focus attention on a client...

Project Coordinators
Translation Cloud - Jersey City, NJ
Manage projects from inception to completion. Interact with freelancers and sales staff. Multitask...

Web Developers
Translation Cloud - Jersey City, NJ
Build and maintain online properties such as Translation Cloud or Translation Cloud websites. Add new features, work to optimize the speed, fix bugs...

Web Masters
Translation Cloud - Jersey City, NJ
Code, update, maintain websites. Edit scripts, create online forms, administer servers, optimize for best SEO and speed...

Translation Cloud - Jersey City, NJ
Keep the records clean in Quickbooks. Record transactions. Follow up with Accounts receivable. Schedule payments for accounts payable. Print checks to pay bills...

Marketing Interns
Translation Cloud - Jersey City, NJ
Do you want to begin an exciting career in Marketing? In our company, you will gain a lot of experience conducting online and direct marketing campaigns...

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