E-Commerce in China – The World’s Largest Country

Fact 1: “Chinese is the world’s 2nd largest online market, with 150 million users.

That puts China only slightly behind the US at 154 million users. In US, it represents 68% penetration of the market, but in China, it is only slightly over 10%. Apparently, the potential in China is huge and barely touched.”

Fact 2: “China has over 400,000 millionaires and growing”

China offers tremendous earning potential for US based small and medium size businesses. If your company is not multinational yet, by just focusing on China, your business can become huge and profitable. China is a wild east. It’s totally different out there. The language and business practices are not like anything else. It is challenging to conquer that market, but the world of e-commerce is uniform and you can reap huge rewards for the years to come if you succeed.

So, what translation services can Translation Cloud offer your business? Our company specializes in transferring your English speaking business to the Chinese market both mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We will assist you to cost-effectively translate your website, supporting documentation and incoming/outgoing emails from potential Chinese customers. With help of our Chinese language experts, your e-commerce business will be up in running in a short amount of time and you will be able to sell more products, services and goods to Chinese customers who are eager to spend their fortunes. The entire e-commerce infrastructure is already in place: Chinese hosting providers, email translation service, professional Chinese linguists for your content, sales brochures and marketing materials, online payment systems such as PayPal and so on. If you don’t capitalize on that opportunity, someone from your competitors will. China’s e-commerce is hot and if you step into that market today, it would be as similar as starting an e-commerce business back in 1994 in the US. That’s the point. Look for ways to grab the market that is not saturated yet.

What do you need to get started?

  • Think of creating a small version of your main website which you can devote for the Chinese market.
  • Select only the most essential pages and products.
  • Register a new contact email which will be used with potential Chinese prospects.
  • Prepare a sub-domain such as: www.ch.yourname.com and host it on one of the Chinese web servers.
  • Contact us and we will become your language partner to assist your growing venture.

General approach to Chinese localization.

  • Start small. Don’t blow your fortune into Chinese market right away.
  • Measure the results, tweak the marketing budget, learn the market, iterate.
  • Once you start feeling a return on your efforts, invest more money to translate the rest of your business correspondence into Chinese, both Simplified and Traditional.

Remember, Translation Cloud is not a one time translation services provider. We are interested to see your business succeed in the long run and we aim to work with you on the ongoing basis. With our help, your company doesn’t have to be large or profitable. It can be as small as one person because in the era of Internet, you don’t have to leave your home city in order to sell your products or services globally. That’s the power of language localization and e-commerce. You can be the next Amazon.com somewhere overseas where it is less competition. Just like that.

Contact us today and learn what we can do for your business.

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