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Translation Cloud offers professional French translation services to over 100 French language pairs. In fact, Translation Cloud is the only agency in the market which can fully translate French to literally any language in the world!

Our French translation team consists of many expert and experienced translators. Each translator specializes in a different field such as legal, financial, medical, and more.

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Whether your French translation need is large or small, Translation Cloud is always there to assist you with your translation needs. Our translation team has many experienced document translators who specialize in translating different types of documents including birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, transcripts, and any other French document you may need translated.

We have excellent French software engineers and quality assurance editors who can localize any software product or website. We can professionally translate any French website, no matter if it is a static HTML website or an advanced Java/PHP/Perl driven website. In the age of globalization, you should definitely consider localizing your website into the French language! It is a highly cost-effective investment and an easy way to expand your business!

We also offer services for French interpretation, voice-overs, transcriptions, and multilingual search engine optimization. No matter what your French translation needs are, Translation Cloud can provide for them.

French Language Facts:

  • French equivalents for technological achievements are being introduced by official agencies. E-mail is ‘un courrier electronique’ or officially, albeit unused, ‘un mel’ and a keyboard is ‘un clavier’.
  • Like Italian and Spanish, French derives from a vulgarized form of Latin. Even today the languages share many similarities.
  • French is the second most frequently taught language in the world, after English.

Some characteristics of French language

  • With its many silent letters French pronunciation can differ significantly from its spelling.
  • Formal / informal address:
    Deference and politeness in French is expressed by the switch between formal ‘vous’ (2nd person plural) and informal ‘tu’ (2nd person singular).
  • Inflection, declination and grammatical gender are important features of French grammar
  • French features 5 diacritical (accent) marks: accent aigu ? (acute accent), accent grave ` (grave accent), accent circonflexe ? (circonflex), accent trema ?(dieresis or umlaut) and cedille ? (cedilla, only with letter ‘c’)

French Background:

France has been one of the world’s foremost powers since the latter half of the 17th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, France built one of the largest colonial empires of the time, stretching across West Africa and Southeast Asia, prominently influencing the cultures and politics of the regions. France is a developed country, with the sixth (nominal GDP) or eighth (PPP) largest economy in the world. It is the most visited country in the world, receiving 82 million foreign tourists annually.

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