Phrases in Greek

In the street

Excuse me: Signomi

Thank you: Efharisto (in a restaurant or cafe thank you is better: Efharistoomay)

Do you speak… Milatay…?

English: Ag-glika?

German: Yermanika?

French: Gallika?

Spanish: Hispanika?

Japanese: Yaponayzika?

How far is it?: Posso makria eenay?

Excuse me, where is…: Signomi, poo eenay…?

In a restaurant

How much is this?: Posso Kanay Afto?

Do you have a toilet?: Eheeyete Too-aletta?

Can we see a menu?: Boroomay na doomay enna menoo?

Can we pay the bill?: Boroomay na plirosoomay?

Too expensive: Polee akrivo

for me: Ya menna

That’s fine: Andaxi

OK: Andaxi

It’s good (food, anything): Oraya

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Introducing yourself

Good morning/good day (until about 13:00 or so): Kalimera

Good Afternoon or Good evening: Kalispera

Good night: Kalinihxta

See you/Hello/Hi: Yassas (“Yassoo” is usually used for those you know or people much younger than you)

How are you: Ti-kanis

Well/good: Kala

I do not understand: Den katalave’no

What is your name?: Pos se le’ne?

Nice to meet you: He’ro poli’

How are you?: Ti ka’nete?


How much does this cost?: Po’so ka’ni afto’

What is this?: Ti’ i’ne afto’

I’ll buy it: Tha to agora’so

I would like to buy: Tha I’thela na agora’so

Do you have: ‘Ehete

Do you accept credit cards?: Pe’rnete pistotike’s ka’rtes

Travels & directions

Are there any vacancies for tonight?: e’hete e’na doma’tio gia’ apo’pse

Where is …?: pou i’ne

How much is the fare?: Po’so ka’ni to isiti’rio

One ticket to …, please: E’na isiti’rio gia, parakalo’

Where are you going?: Pou’ pa’te

Where do you live?: Pou’ me’nis

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