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Certified Translation Services

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Quick Facts

  • Original documents not required
  • No hidden fees
  • Guaranteed USCIS acceptance
  • 48-hour delivery
  • Secure PDF delivery by email
  • Notarized and certified

Over 50 Languages

  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • …and dozens more.

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About Certified Translation

Translation Cloud has been a leader for many years in supplying first-class translation services to customers with the purpose of uniting different cultures and encouraging the increasing need for the integration of internationalization and globalization. The company is dedicated to accommodating Jersey City with the translation services and the resources they need in order to bridge communication gaps as well as promoting acceptance and tolerance among different cultures.

Translation Cloud strives to provide reliable translation services of the highest caliber to those in Jersey City who have translation and globalization needs, and at a competitive price. All capable translators and localization experts working with Translation Cloud bring a great deal of translation services experience and variety to each project. The company believes that it is their responsibility to assist English and non-English speakers in receiving the best translation services available. Translation Cloud provides translation services to clients along with localization services.

The professionals in the translation department of the company pride themselves in providing quick and accurate certified translations, offering a full range of language translation services for legal documents such as birth certificates, transcripts, marriage certificates, settlements, and much more, all of which are guaranteed to be accepted by any government or non-governmental organization in the United States.

The professionals who provide certified translation services for Translation Cloud are held to an extremely high standard of professionalism as well as guaranteed confidentiality in every aspect of the translation services we conduct. The translation services provided for final products at Translation Cloud are promised to exceed customer expectations. Upon requesting translation services, clients are assigned to a specific project manager who communicates with them throughout the process, ensuring the project goes through smoothly and with great speed and accuracy.

Translation Cloud employs only certified, professional native translators to execute its translation services, offering translation services in over 100 different languages. The professionals working at Translation Cloud are ready to deliver the highest quality language translation services available, striving to gain the trust and loyalty of each client with whom they do business. With accuracy, efficiency, and a great attention to detail in all apsects of the translation services it offers, Translation Cloud guarantees each client will have a satisfying experience working with the company.

About Our Company

Translation Cloud is one of the world’s leading expert translation companies, known for offering the widest variety of translation services and producing the most reliable translations in the Global Translation and Communications Industry. By using an on-site staff as well as crowdsourcing translations, we deliver a valuable service to a wide range of monolingual and bilingual users, including professional translators, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. The core and founding philosophy of Translation Cloud has always been to innovate and provide one-on-one personal customer communications for all translation services customers, an often overlooked and neglected aspect of today’s translation industry.

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