iPhone App Translation Services

It is incredibly cost effective to localize your existing iPhone or Android apps into other languages. As the world becomes more united through technology and applications are used outside of the U.S. it has become increasingly important to translate applications for foreign audiences. Presence in a foreign market equals more money for your business!

Even if you are a small app developer and your budget is low, it is still a no-brainer to utilize our professional application localization services. On average, an application has 250 – 400 words of content which will cost roughly $100 to localized to any language. If you’re selling it for $0.99 your investment will pay off after only 102 downloads! It’s that simple.

To begin the translation project all you need to do is to forward us the files with existing text strings that need to be translated. Common file types include Excel spreadsheets or XML files. Fill out a quote request and we’ll do the rest for you. The app business is extremely popular, why not jumping in all the way and take full advantage of the market?

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