Software Localization Services

for iPhone, Android and other apps

Software Localization Services

If you’re a programmer, Translation Cloud can help you easily translate your app into over 50 languages.

If your app is only available in English, you’re potentially only reaching about 26% of total internet users. By translating your app into the ten most popular languages for internet users, you can reach over 80% of all users on the internet. Your hits, downloads, and sales could more than triple!

Our Clients

Below are just some of the clients we’ve worked with. As we can localize apps in just about any niche, be it productivity, game, or anything else, you’re sure to recognize some you’ve probably used yourself!

How Translation Cloud can help.

Settings translated. Translation Cloud was built by developers, for developers. We currently support ten different file formats for uploading, parsing, and translating.

What does this mean for you? With minimal effort, you can set your project up to utilize various languages and locales. In fact, your project may be ready to accept more languages already!

Just upload your original text file to Translation Cloud and sit back as our system delegates your project’s text to our network of translators, converting your text to whatever languages you need.

When your project is finished, you can download the completed file in the original format you submitted. Translation Cloud remembers all your variable names and markup, so there’s no need for additional formatting. Just add the translated file to your app and you’re ready to go!

What formats does Translation Cloud accept?

Currently, Translation Cloud can accept and parse text in the following ten formats:

Apple iOS Strings format.
Android XML format.
Blackberry resource file format.
Java configuration file format.
YAML (Ruby).
ASP.NET Resource file.
.xls and .xlsx
Microsoft Office / Open Office spreadsheet.
Portable Object (GNU gettext file).
XLIFF XML Localization Interchange File Format.

Use whichever works best for your project!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for Translation Cloud today (it’s free) and start translating your apps instantly!

Still not convinced? Read more about what formats we support, or read more below for all the details.

Fast Facts

  • Translate your app into over 20 languages.
  • Upload projects in ten different formats, including Apple iOS strings, Android XML, and more.
  • More than 2700 translators are ready and willing to help.
  • Approximately 74% of internet users don’t speak English.
  • Translating your app into the ten most-popular languages read on the internet can triple your visibility.

Is translation right for you?

For nine years, Translation Cloud has specialized in helping businesses of all sizes and across all fields globalize their services, by providing high-quality app localization services.

If you’re considering whether translation is the right way to grow your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you aim to have more customers, more orders to ship, sales, conversions, and ROI?
  • Are you ready to create more demand for your products or services and outperform your competitors?
  • Do you want your business to grow as big as Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Sony?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then we have a solution for you!

Get your free quote now!

Working in another format not listed above? We can still help! Read more about how we can translate your document using our professional translation method below.

Professional Translation for Desktop or Mobile Apps

Chrome translated. Developing desktop or mobile apps and delivering to international customers is what we specialize in. If you need your applications or apps translated, Translation Cloud will localize to your intended destination, guaranteed, because we only use native speaking local translators in the language locale of your choice. We work with you to get the translation done on or before deadline. Games for mobile too, one of our clients include Backflip Studios, makers of great mobile games.

Translation is the most critical path in app localization. For companies looking to do business in the global market, Translation Cloud is prepared to provide software localization services and specialized and professional translations in over 60 languages. Having managed key customer accounts and technical localization of projects for over six years, Translation Cloud has extensive experience in managing the delivery of customer-centered localization services and solutions.

Translation Cloud streamlines all translation tasks, delivering your product fully localized and in the desired target language while keeping your deadline and meeting your budget. Focused on delivering localized software products, online information applications and traditional documentation, Translation Cloud draws upon its extensive team of app localization experts and the most effective translation tools in order to fulfill a vast range of app localization needs.

Mac, PC, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian

No matter the platform you are developing in or for Translation Cloud will deliver fast professional reliable results.

Technologies and files types we support include:

  • C, C++, C#
  • VB, VB.Net
  • Delphi
  • Java, J#
  • Perl, Python
  • PHP
  • Flash
  • JavaScript, JScript
  • #, Ajax
  • C#, VB.NET
  • Perl, Python
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • Content Management Systems
  • .rc
  • .jar
  • .exe, .asp, aspx
  • .cgi
  • .pl
  • .php
  • .html, .xml, .xhtml
  • .swf, .fla
  • .asp, .aspx
  • .jsp
  • .cgi
  • .pl
  • .php
  • .cfm

About Our Company

Translation Cloud is one of the world’s leading expert translation companies, known for producing the most reliable translations in the Global Translation and Communications Industry. By using an on-site staff as well as crowdsourcing translations, we deliver a valuable service to a wide range of monolingual and bilingual users, including professional translators, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. The core and founding philosophy of Translation Cloud has always been to innovate and provide one-on-one personal customer communications, an often overlooked and neglected aspect of today’s translation industry.

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