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Website Translation

How to Translate Your Website:

  1. Choose your languages. Select however many languages you want your website available in. The more languages you choose, the further your content can reach.
  2. Select a translation method. Have your website translated the traditional way, or use our new Translation Cloud platform for better, faster, lower-priced results.
  3. Watch your traffic grow! Did you know only 27.3% of internet users speak English? Make your site available in multiple languages and greet the world!

Website Translation Services

Do you want to grow your business? Do you aim to have more customers, orders to ship, website traffic, sales, conversions, ROI? Are you ready to create more demand for your products or services and outperform your direct competitors? Do you want your business to grow as big as Google,, Groupon, LivingSocial or Facebook Inc? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We have a solution for you!
After years of stealth development, Translation Cloud, a Jersey City based leader in language translation / localization / globalization solutions is pleased to offer an industry disrupting evolutionary product that brings both high speed turnaround, language consistency as well as cost savings when it comes to your website globalization initiatives — Translation Cloud.

Our Clients

As we can localize websites in just about any market, you’re sure to recognize some of our work. Below are just some of the clients we’ve done business with:

Translation Cloud Press:

What are the benefits of Translation Cloud™?

  • 100% Discount for repetitive content. That’s right. If your files have sentences that are duplicates, you will not have to pay to translate them twice.
  • 100% Discount for existing translation memory matches. If our translation memory already has your sentences translated, you will not have to pay again to re-translate them.
  • Up to 10 times faster turn-around. Instead of assigning your project to a single linguist and storing all eggs in one basket by depending on linguist’s moral integrity and high work ethic, Translation Cloud assigns your project to all qualified linguists at the same time, all of them will directly match your language pair, specialty, experience and can participate in your project in that same moment.
  • Improved quality and privacy of contents. Translation Cloud is powered by a proprietary algorithm TranslationRank. It is like a super human being that lives in the cloud, works 24/7, doesn’t sleep, eat, goes out. It oversees a vast pool of qualified linguists. It screens them out, constantly evaluates their performance, bans incompetent ones, works to balance the load and ensures the consistency of the translation output. It is free from bias. It rewards skills, competence and efforts regardless of linguists’ race, gender, age, education etc.

The formats we can work with:

  • PHP Array
  • PHP Define
  • Movable Type (Perl)
  • Joomla
  • Java
  • iPhone Strings
  • Android Strings
  • CSV
  • Resx
  • INI
  • PO
  • YAML

Top Languages on the Web

The chart below shows the top 10 languages on the Internet. By translating your website into these 10 languages you will reach 83% of the world’s Internet population.

Get a free quote today and find out how Translation Cloud can make your website go global!