Translate This: Make Your Website Multilingual

Install our translation button on your website or blog and make it accessible in 90 languages. Just select your website’s current language from the drop down, click “copy,” and paste the code wherever you want! Try it out:

<!-- Begin Translate This button code. -->
<!-- If you already have jQuery embeded in your page, remove the following line: -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Translate This button: -->
<div class="translate_this notranslate">
	<a class="translate_this_drop translate_this_tc_icon" title="translation service" href="">translator</a>
	<a class="translate_this_drop translate_this_translate_text" title="Translate" href="">Translate</a>
	<span class="translate_this_separator"> | </span>
	<a class="translate_this_no_drop" title="French" href="" rel="fr">French</a> 
	<a class="translate_this_no_drop" title="Spanish" href="" rel="es">Spanish</a> 
	<a class="translate_this_no_drop" title="German" href="" rel="de">German</a> 
	<a class="translate_this_no_drop" title="Chinese" href="" rel="zh-CHS">Chinese</a>
<script src=""></script>
<!-- End Translate This button code. -->

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